As a professional divorce mediation professional, my role is to help my clients make the transition from being part of a couple to leading separate lives. And I am committed to helping them do so in a fair, humane and responsible manner.

I know that the adversarial process and the primary focus on "winning" the divorce all too often have bitter, destructive results.

  1. I promise to educate. Every couple will be given enough information to feel comfortable in making decisions.

  2. I will provide a level playing field to ensure that every thought, perspective and idea will be heard and given the merit it deserves.

  3. I will provide creativity, giving every couple as many options and ways to reach common ground on every issue.

  4. I promise to help my clients balance the need for separation with the need to achieve their common goals.

  5. I promise to keep in mind that taking good care of your children is a common goal that must be achieved.

  6. And most important, I promise to help you both come up with a fair and equitable agreement!

Description of my practice
My practice is devoted almost exclusively to separation and divorce mediation, although I mediate pre-nuptial agreements, post nuptial agreements, post divorce disputes, and other family issues.  I also perform mediation services for businesses (general business disputes, family owned business conflicts, business dissolutions, employer/employee problems, landlord/tenant disputes, and community problems).

Professional background
I am a graduate of the University of Maryland and have taken many mediation courses at Harvard, Cornell and from many of the most respected divorce mediators throughout the country.  I am a practitioner, educator and researcher for the Association of Conflict Resolution.  Also, I am a CPA with a specialty in financial planning, taxes and division of marital property. 

I have been a divorce mediator for over 20 years.  Statistically, 94% of my clients achieve complete agreement.  I am very proud of this.

The heart of my practice is helping my clients develop fair and equitable results. I prepare a Marital Separation Agreement that not only satisfies the needs of my clients but allows them to determine their future without have to spend all of their money with lawyers in a long, hurtful and encumbering legal process that is not only outrageously expensive but usually causes more problems than are resolved.