Online links - State and Federal Divorce Law Directory Center - A major site for divorce and mediation information. One of the better sites for divorce information. A great referral site if you are looking for a mediator or other divorce professionals. Highly recommended site! - Another major site for divorce information in Maryland - Maryland State Child Support Calculator - Divorce Headquarters. This has many good articles and information about divorce - Maryland State Child Support Calculator - Child Custody & Divorce Resources State by State. - Lee Borden, a Southern divorce mediator, puts his opinions out there. - Internet legal resources – This site provides a good indication of the value of your residence - Association for Conflict Resolution. This is the national organization that certifies family mediators and ensures they are meeting a certain level of professional conduct in their practice. - American Divorce Network. This site has some great articles and statistics about divorce. - Divorce Net. Another good site for information and ideas - Divorce Magazine. This is an interesting site that has many examples of divorce situations that might help a person getting a divorce. - This is a site much like Divorce HQ which has a wealth of information and suggested reading as well as a bulletin board. - Your Divorce Advisor. This site is so good we copied a lot of their stuff onto our site. This site is full of wisdom and practical guidance through the maze of divorce. A must see for all divorcing couples. - Equitable Mediation Services of New Jersey is an excellent resource website for divorce information and alternatives. - This is the Kelly Blue book site. Get the 'blue book' value of your current vehicles. – Interesting articles about dealing with divorce – This site contains interesting articles about dealing with anger - Divorce help for women